The Twelve Days of … Croatian Vino?

Why not? During this time of year when I couldn’t possibly be any busier, I decided to pepper my calendar with new project, The Twelve Days of Croatian Vino. 

Maybe this unfolding list of wine reviews will come in handy for you, since you have gifts to give, you have parties to attend and/or host, and you’ll definitely be needing a shopping list of wines in hand when you hit the store (here in Croatia).

So here’s the schtick:  Every day, for 12 days I’m going to drink a Croatian wine and write about it. But just to make it more interesting, I’m going to try to drink every wine with at least one other person who’s not in the trade, my A Team of drinking buddies if you will, to get a second opinion on all the wines (and so you know I’m not just promoting my friends’ wineries and/or wines). And, since I’m truly a glutton for punishment, I’m going to include a recipe to pair with each!

Cheers!  And let the games begin.

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