The A Team, so far

The A Team (so far):

Christine Carlsen, helping me jump my car!

Christine Carlsen– This hotsie-totsie pal of mine, originally from West

Virginia, is not only a maven in the kitchen, but throws some seriously fabulous parties and is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met in my life.  She’s tons of fun to hang out with, and she totally loves wine to boot! When we’re not off on a European wine trip together we’re hanging out in Zagreb, which is home for both of us at the moment.

Kim Woods (and Dartanean)

Kim Woods – Kim’s totally my “here’s my idea” + street smart friend, making her a don’t-get-in-my-way tornado when she gets a bug up her behind and schemes up a plan. This is a good thing, as her ideas come to fruition to the benefit of the entire community, as demonstrated with her newly formed Underground Art Club. The kind of friend who would bend over backwards for you,  and funny as hell, Kim will not only charm your britches off, but will keep you coming back for more. Bonus: She’s a ferret enthusiast and can be seen most days of the week wearing a Fuggie.

Andrea Holck– What can I say about this girl? I love her so much I tried to talk her into moving to Croatia with us, and it worked! (Ok, maybe we co-concocted this plan). Yoga rockstar, English teacher, avid traveler and lover of life. This girl’s got it all.

Orli Landau– Orlandau Studios

Orli Landau

Naomi Kaufman

Naomi Kaufman– You gotta love any girl who’s married to “The Wolf.”

Renata Bačanek

Renata Bačanek

Maria Zioga

Maria Zioga– Bonafide Greek Goddess.

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