Vino, interrupted.

Well, more like blog interrupted.

Last week I was approached about appearing on a Croatian cooking show called Vecera za Pet. I said that it sounded interesting and that I would be up for it, so the process got rolling and I had five days to prepare to appear on the show.  The show is part of a series that airs daily for an hour. I had never seen it before and have still never seen it in a language that I understand.

The premise of the show is this: You cook dinner in your home for 4 guests whom you have never met. They rate and review your three course meal and your table setting.

The reality of the show is this: It’s a reality show whereby four mismatched strangers (some of whom are extremely picky about food, i.e.  I don’t eat soup.) share a meal and have some awkward conversations about the dinner they are eating , all the while a camera and camera crew all up in your space. In my case, that conversation was all occurring in a language I don’t speak or really comprehend so the dazed and confused look on my face- not fake. Ah, good times.

We filmed all day on Monday at my house. It was about a 15 hour day with all the takes and do-overs because I kept forgetting, no matter how many times they told me, not to look directly in the camera.  That day one was the longest by far, with the other days usually closer to 8-9 hours each.

The point with all of this is, you can watch and make fun of me sometime in late February or early March. No, that’s not it. Actually, I wanted to explain the absence from my blog and my project. It was the week before Christmas so I was already up to my eyeballs and then I threw this 50+ hour Vecera za Pet project in the mix. Eeesh.

Filming after dinner at another contestant's house

But Christmas has passed, the filming has passed, and now I’m back in the saddle. I hope you’ll join me in continuing on the adventure of 12 days of Croatian Vino!



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