New Classes Announced!

All classes at Brava Wine Studio in Zagreb!  Bijenik 99E.

Reservations: +385 91 455 2349

NEW!  Bring Your Own Bottle Evening
Meet up with fellow wine lovers and taste and try each other’s favorite wines! Starting in January, we’ll be inviting guests once a month to bring and share their own favorite bottles of wine.  Plenty of hors d’oeuvres will be offered, along with a few special bottles from Brava’s cellar. Themes will vary from month to month. Cost is 100 Kn.

Join us for Saberage fun!

Thursday, January 12th: Bring a bottle of sparkling wine to SABER! We will Christen this first BYOB evening by bringing our absolute favorite bottles of Champagne or sparkling wine, and we’ll step outside the studio to practice the art of saberage! We’ll discuss the various types of sparklers and anjoy an evening of delicious bubbles!

Thursday, February 16th:  “Somebottle like You” Bring a bottle of wine that represents YOU! Could be from a special year, maybe your birth year or a special anniversary in your life, from the land of your ancestors, or something that represents your personality (luscious and spicy?…). You decide, and we’ll all give it a try!

Blind Tasting- Will you win?

Thursday, March 15th: “The Wine is Right” with Grand Prize! On this occasion, guests bring two bottles of wine. The first one, your contestant for “The Wine is Right” will be brought completely incognito.  Wrap all but the mouth of the bottle in aluminum foil. The second bottle should be a bottle of wine you enjoy for everyday drinking.  Participants will try all incognito wines and vote on their favorite bottle.  At the end of the evening, the guest who brought that particular bottle leaves with all of the second bottles and gets to go home and stock their cellar!

Seasonal Flavor: Food and Wine Pairing
Join us for a class that takes inspiration from the Zagreb’s famous farmers market: The Dolac! Just as the market changes with seasonal abundance, so do the wines that pair with them. We’ll scour the market for the freshest offerings, prepare some simple but tasty dishes, then invite you to the table for an evening of seasonal, fresh wine pairings.  Food, wine and recipes included in the 300 Kn.  Tuesday, January 17th, from 1830-2030.

Bubbly! Yeah!

The Quick Sip on Bubbles (day class)
Join us for a very bubbly afternoon as we the different styles of sparkling wines, including beautiful bubbles from Croatia and abroad. The afternoon wouldn’t be complete without tasting and comparing Prosecco, Cava, Sparkling Rose, and Champagne. A few salty snacks will be served alongside the wines, to fully experience the magic bubbles bring to the table. 250 Kn. Sunday, January 22nd, from 1400-1600.

Jean Michael Morel of Kabaj Winery in Slovenia

Our Neighbor to the North- Slovenia!

The buzz is true! Slovenia is making amazing wines, often utilizing unique methodology for creating one-of-a-kind wines that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world. Join this most exciting class to learn what all the fuss is about and take a foray into the wine regions and interesting grapes of Slovenia. This small country is making some truly breathtaking wines! 200 Kn. Thursday, February 7th, from 1830-2030.

Delicious Rioja!

The Seduction of Rioja

Abrazos and Besos from beautiful Spain! Travel via your wineglass to one of the most intriguing regions in the world, producing stunning and iconic red wine. We’ll try wines from several producers in Rioja’s and discover which wines and the different styles we like for ourselves. Savoring these wines alongside some tasty tapas seems like the right thing to do. 300 Kn. Wednesday, February 22nd, from 1830-2030

Natural and Organic Wine on the mystical Leap Year night!
Back by popular demand, we’ll further delve into the depths of this subject. Here we explore the differences of natural, organic, biodynamic wines, what they mean, and how they are changing the way that wine is made. Expect some lively discussion at this class and prepare to try some unique and amazing wines.  NATURALLY, some organic snacks to go along with the wines! 300 Kn. Wednesday February 29th, from 1830-2030.

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