Wine #7. On the 7th Night of Croatian Vino…

Call it a wild and crazy girls’ night out if you will, except for the fact that we stayed in.  Any way you want to call it, we were drinking wine! As a matter of fact, we were drinking the Ponos Plavac Pelješac Kuna 2009. And well, I guess I was the only one with a glass, but hey, we were all having fun.

My homegirls

The Ponos Plavac Pelješac Kuna 2009 is wine I know absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, about. It was recently brought to my house as a gift, and from the label I can discern simply that it’s a self-proclaimed  „high quality dry wine“ from a controlled vineyard in Pelješac.  Ok, let’s see what’s in the bottle.

Dark red color, with aromas hopping out of the glass. Andy, my husband, hears the cork pop and walks over for a glass. He thinks it smells good, but I just think it smells, meaning I can smell it as I pour it. My first concerted whiff of this wine reminds me 100% of rum-soaked fruitcake, or maybe just the artificial rum flavoring and jellied fruits. Actually it brings me back to the first time I bought Croatian spirits to make Mojitos and had to buy rum at the corner store. What I came home with was decidedly un-rum and much more like very poor quality brandy. Being a bit of a conniseur of the latter and certainly having slung back my share of mojitos in my day, I feel at least qualified to make that comment in all fairness.

But back to the fruitcake, er, wine.  On the palate it was, well, ok. I found that the flavors to be on par with Plavac, if a slightly more mature version. Lots of fallen fruit, mainly plums, and a bit of carob powder also showed up on the palate. The finish was short and uneventful. Too bad, because the simple, artsy label led me to believe this might be a little small-production gem that I could fall in love with and sing the praises of. And really too bad, cause the girls and I were in the mood to throw back a few bottles.  Well, next time.

We’re related, right? I’m totally Matryoshka.

Not exactly recommended, in the sense that this particular wine doesn’t do it for me. But Andy seemed to like it ok, which leads me to believe you could open it and throw it on the bar at your next party alongside some better wine. Your less discerning guests will probably manage to kill it.

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