Slovenian Wines all week next week!

Movia in Slovenia

I’m giddy.  Next week I am going to be completely and utterly entrenched in the wines of one of my newfound favorite wine producing countries of all time. Slovenia.

On Tuesday night, I’m teaching a wine class at Trilogija Wine Bar and Restaurant based on the various regions and their specialities, including some Slovenian-inspired dishes.

On Thursday I head out with a few friends to visit 2-3 wineries, one producer of Sparkling and one who is supposedly making some of the best wine in Slovenia as a garagiste.

Friday headed up with a small group to visit a really interesting producer of the grape Zelen, a rare and indigenous variety of grape, and then to Movia.  As in  MOVIA. A winery I’ve long held an unnatural obsession with.

The next day I’ll be joined by more ladies at the Slovenian winery nearest and dearest to my heart, Kabaj.  We’ll spend a super VIP day drinking, learning and exploring Goriska Brda and it’s wonders…including a cooking class where we’ll learn a little something about the gastronomy of the region.

Hope you stay tuned for further updates!

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