En Primeur Malvazije- 2011 Malvazija Tasting in Zagreb

Winemaker Ivan Damjanić of Damjanić Vino, presenting his new wine

The Regent Esplanade was once again taken over by wine lovers.  Though it was  mainly offered to people in the trade and some guests, the atmosphere was as buzzed up as ever.  Maybe it is in fact these folks who know how to create the buzz.

Winemakers came from Istria to bring a mini-version of the VinIstra fair to Zagreb, presenting their 2011 Malvazijas (along with another wine or two in many cases).

A highlight for me was meeting and tasting the wines from Ivan Damjanić of Damjanić Vino, located just outside of Poreć.  His Malvasija bore lots of fresh fruit, including green apple and ripe peach, and when I came back later in the afternoon to taste his recently-winning Borgonja (Gamay) I found that he’s quite adept at the reds too.  I look forward to visiting his cellar in an upcoming visit in March.

Damjanić wines, chillin’ at En Primeur Malvazije.

Many of the wines today were still a little on the harsh side, hopefully they’ll mellow a bit before release, around Easter.  But 2011 holds tons of promise in the bottle, considered to be one of the strongest vintages in recent history.

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