Wine of the Day: Les Rocailles Rosé Gamay Vin de Savoie

I’ve got a crush on a girl.

Well, at least if we put rosé wines into the more feminine category, I guess that’s true. She’s pretty in pink too. Actually, she’s my favorite rosé-ified hue of pale salmon.

New fave rosé?

I’m talking about the Les Rocailles Rosé Gamay Vin de Savoie. It’s a beautiful little French number (in case you couldn’t tell) and it’s won a place in my heart. The nose opens with white peach, green apple, lime and tangerine on a chalky backbone that reminds me a little of the white dipping stick in a Fun Dip. That’s not a bad thing in my book. There’s also a pink lemonade note that makes me think this is a perfect summer wine, but here we are in fall and I’m loving it still.

Here’s a little help, too, if the label is posing a bit of a challenge for you:

Les Rocailles is the producer

Rosé is the type of wine, and it’s made of the grape Gamay in this case

Vin de Savoie is the region. It’s tucked into the French Alps, east of Burgundy and not so far from both the Swiss and Italian borders.  Here they tend to produce a number of different grapes, and the AOC (or controlled region) is simply called Vin de Savoie (pronounced like van du sav-wa). The grapes and wines in this region tend to be lighter in body, and are usually white or rosé, though some red wine is also produced. I’ve tasted some interesting wines from this region, particularly coming from the white grape Roussanne, which can be really tasty.

I tried the Les Rocailles Rosé with a Southwestern chicken salad, and the spice buried it. It would be much better and express more of its inherent elegance with an arugula salad with goat cheese and slivers of granny smith apple.

Awesome. And under $20.

Snapshots from Istria Wine Trip, October 2011

In October 2011, Brava Wine Company took the first group of travelers through Istria to experience the beautiful wines and the culinary riches. It’s also truffle season and time for the olive harvest, so we had a very full weekend of amazing food and wine!  A similar trip will be repeated again several times in October.

You can read all about this trip here or join us in Istria for a weekend in October of 2012- more information about upcoming trips can be found here.

Arriving at the Truffle Festival…

…on a crisp autumn day, one traveler is saving his energy for the truffle tasting.

The group in Livade for the Zigante Tartufi festival

At Misal Winery

Ana pours sparkling wine at her family winery.

A long day of truffles, wine and fresh air calls for pizza and… more wine!

The pizza wiz

The next day, we are enjoying a four course traditional wine lunch in Višnan.

Joined by Peter Poletti who introduces us to his delightful wines.

Helping Poletti pour for my guests.

Muškat Ruža to go with the fritule we brought back to his winery.

In Poletti’s winery

Poletti gets up in the archive section to fetch a bottle of wine for us!

Vines. olives and the sea as seen from Višnjan.

Freshly harvested olives to be pressed.

Admiring the olives.

Pouring a bottle of freshly pressed olive oil.

It’s onto Roxanich Winery in Nova Vas

Pouring Roxanich for one of my great guests!

Barrel samples in the winery at Roxanich.

A post-tour glass of wine on the terrace at our place before we head out to dinner. (Sorry boys and girls, the fingerless rainbow gloves aren’t for sale).

Our final dinner at Divino in Poreč, specialized in gourmet preparations of fresh fish.

Harvest Wine Pairing Class

Thanksgiving Turkey

Perfect with Pinot Noir!
Photo: Frances Janisch for Food and Wine Magazine

Dear Friends,

Halloween has passed and my thoughts have turned to Thanksgiving.  Well, actually those thoughts began when my November issue of Food and Wine arrived, complete with cover photo of a plump, golden turkey.  My mouth was watering, my head was swimming with ideas and I’ve been thinking of this, my favorite holiday, ever since.

So, here we have the first of fall’s wine classes.  It’s all about pairing autumn’s finest fare with comfort wines that will create a masterpiece on your table.  You definitely don’t have to celebrate Thanksgiving to enjoy this class, just come and celebrate your love of wine and food.  The class comes complete with recipes to take home and local wine recommendations.

Let me know if you are interested in attending this session on Wednesday, November 16th.  It will be the debut class in the new Brava Wine Studio!

Hope to see you there!

All My Best,


Class info:

Join us for a lovely evening and learn about which local wines to pair with your Thanksgiving feast or autumn celebration.

We’ll prepare some nibbles and taste it alongside the wines so you can experience the magic of these food and wine pairings. You’ll leave with the recipes, wine recommendations and a happy stomach!

Menu: Creamy Carrot Soup with Toasted Pecans, Roast Turkey with Lemon and Chives, Roasted Fall Vegetables with Fresh Herbs and Classic Pumpkin Pie.

Reservations required. Cost: 300 Kn

(0)91 455 2349